Quick Answer: Which Statement If Made By The Student Nurse Indicates Appropriate Knowledge About The Urinary Bladder?

Which statement is true about a urostomy?

Which statement is true about a urostomy.

A urostomy or ileal conduit is created by transplanting the ureters into a closed-off part of the intestinal ileum and bringing the other end out onto the abdominal wall to form a stoma.

A urostomy is a permanent continent urinary diversion..

Can you still urinate with a urostomy?

With urostomy, you’ll have to wear a pouch on the outside of your body. You won’t be able to urinate normally like you would after continent urinary diversion surgery.

What does an abnormal stoma look like?

A bulge in the skin around your stoma. Skin color changes from normal pink or red to pale, bluish purple, or black. A rash around the stoma that is red, or red with bumps – this may be due to a skin infection or sensitivity, or even leakage.

What can cause bladder distention?

Usually the bladder walls become thicker and then grow because they are overstretched. The condition is sometimes referred to by medical professionals as bladder hypertrophy. An enlarged bladder can be present from birth or it can occur due to an obstruction in the bladder, the kidneys, or the connecting ureters.

Which intervention is most appropriate for a patient with functional urinary incontinence?

Which intervention is most appropriate for a patient with functional urinary incontinence? Provide normal fluid intake and establish a toilet schedule.

What are the characteristics associated with overflow urinary incontinence?

The bladder never empties properly and fills up more quickly due to the residual volume. You may find it difficult to start to pass water and that even when you have started; the flow is weak and slow. You might find that you dribble after you have finished passing water.

What effect does inadequate fluid intake have on a patient’s urinary system?

Bladder irritation and concentrated urine – not having enough fluid in your body will lead to concentrated urine, which can irritate the bladder and make you feel the urge to pass urine with urgency or more frequently or suffer from incontinence.

Which condition may cause functional incontinence?

In other cases, functional incontinence may result from problems with thinking or communicating. A person with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, for example, may not think clearly enough to plan trips to the restroom, recognize the need to use the restroom, or find the restroom.

What factors may increase urine?

-if fluids, electrolytes, and solutes are balanced, increased fluid intake increases urine production. -Alcohol decreases the release of antidiuretic hormones, thus increasing urine production.

What can a nurse use to measure the post void residual volume in a patient with urinary retention select all that apply?

An ultrasound scan of the urinary bladder is helpful in the measurement of the post void residual volume. A nurse instructs an elderly patient to restrict fluid intake 2 hours before bedtime.

How do you know if a stoma is functioning?

PalpationGently feel around the stoma site for any tenderness.Ask the patient to cough and feel for a cough impulse for any obvious parastomal hernia.Gently digitate the stoma to assess for any stenosis and check patency.

Which condition is the most common cause of bladder overactivity?

Common OAB causes include:nerve damage.Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and multiple sclerosis.decreased thinking ability or related diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease.hip surgery or hip problems.stretched or weakened bladder muscles.incomplete bladder emptying.structural problems with the bladder.More items…•

Which pH range of urine is considered normal?

The normal values range from pH 4.6 to 8.0. The examples above are common measurements for results of these tests. Normal value ranges may vary slightly among different laboratories.

How long does a cystoscopy take?

A simple outpatient cystoscopy can take five to 15 minutes. When done in a hospital with sedation or general anesthesia, cystoscopy takes about 15 to 30 minutes. Your cystoscopy procedure might follow this process: You’ll be asked to empty your bladder.

What measures should the nurse emphasize to prevent urinary infection in females?

Restrict fluid intake. Discourage intake of coffee, tea, cola, and alcohol. Advise intake of cranberry juice. Encourage patient to increase fluid intake.

Which type of urinary incontinence is managed with timed voiding and double voiding?

Which type of urinary incontinence is managed with timed voiding and double voiding? Urinary incontinence associated with chronic retention of urine, also known as overflow urinary incontinence in its mild form, is managed by timed voiding and double voiding.

How do you unblock a stoma?

Choose fresh fruit juices in addition to water and hot tea. Sometimes carbonated drinks may help. Gently massage around your stoma to try to encourage the blockage to work its way out. Have hot bath or try using a heat pad, as this may help your abdominal muscles relax so you can pass a bowel movement.

What a normal stoma should look like?

A healthy stoma is pinkish-red and moist. Your stoma should stick out slightly from your skin. It is normal to see a little mucus. Spots of blood or a small amount of bleeding from your stoma is normal.